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Kelari / Oct 11, 2013
Hello guys.

Unfortunately I have been left with no choice but to step down as guild master.

I am very very sad to make this decision, I have lead a good few guilds in my 7-8 years of playing WoW and you guys were the absolute best. Seriously, every single one of you have been an utter pleasure to raid with. I could not ask for a group of better raiders, both in skill and personality.

As you probably know by now it's down to mine and Chew's relationship ending. It wouldn't feel right for me to continue leading the guild that we pretty much lead together. I want to leave him with the option of continuing to play along with you guys.

It may turn out that he doesn't return either, but I want to leave the choice there.

I'm going to elect a new GM. I am going to come online over next few days. I have 2 people in mind and I would like to discuss it with both of them before promotion.

It was an utter pleasure leading Mole Machine. I love you guys so much.

For now I probably wont be on WoW much at all, but I plan on starting a new on another server. I may even return to Shadowsong in the future when things are less raw. So don't kick me k?!

Sending Obli all my gold because he is my golden boy.

Much love


P.s If you haven't already, add my real ID: Kelari#2253, Find me on Twitter: Daley_Snaily or find me on Facebook: Daley Snaily Johnson - I'm wearing a stripey top in my profile picture.
Kelari / Dec 29, 2012
Hey guys,

Was casually browsing the net when I came across this "sorting hat" made by the folks over at WoWhead.

Although it may seem pretty simple, I think it could be handy for working out what class to make next.

Alternatively I think it would be a great help to newer players, if you know any, I urge you to pass this onto them!

Take a look :)

Kelari / Dec 04, 2012
After we defeated the 3rd and 4th bosses on Monday, we had a few nice attempts on Elegon.

Elegon is renowned for being a complex and difficult boss we will need more than skill and dashing good looks to beat this one!

Please take some time to revise the tactics, below I have provided 2 useful links: < An in depth guide, everything you need to know about Smellygon. < A fantastic strategy video provided by the lovely FatbossTV!

If you are in any doubt that this boss is a tough cookie, take a look at this picture of Chewitz. This was taken during the encounter:

Need I say more?
Kelari / Dec 04, 2012
After another successful raid night we in Mole Machine defeated the 3rd and 4th bosses in Vaults!

Fantastic work by everyone involved, not only was the game-play and team-work near flawless, but a positive high vibe remained through the night.

As an overview for those who weren't there, Spiritbinder took some work, we used a different setup this time (2 healers) and it proved to be a challenge, but in the end we overcame the barriers and took him down.

We killed The Spirit Kings on our second attempt, which is hugely impressive! Fantastic work.

I'd like to thank everyone, not only our raiders but those who have remained within the guild, stayed with us as we fought through some troubling times. And thank you to our newcomers, Katyua and Methodbro, you've injected some light into the guild and you gel with us all very well. Its great to have you with us.

Its great to be back on track , the persistence, dedication and determination we have as a guild, is something to be envied!

Kel - Your proud GM :)

P.s Elegon anyone?