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Warm welcome!
Warm welcome to Mole Machine, a raid focused guild.
We are playing as horde on the european PvE server called Shadowsong.

Before applying to us please check up the rules section which you will find here.

More information on how to join us in-game will you find here.
Kelari / Oct 11, 2013
Hello guys.

Unfortunately I have been left with no choice but to step down as guild master.

I am very very sad to make this decision, I have lead a good few guilds in my 7-8 years of playing WoW and you guys were the absolute best. Seriously, every single one of you have been an utter pleasure to raid with. I could not ask for a group of better raiders, both in skill and personality.

As you probably know by now it's down to mine and Chew's relationship ending. It wouldn't feel right for me to continue leading the guild that we pretty much lead together. I want to leave him with the option of continuing to play along with you guys.

It may turn out that he doesn't return either, but I want to leave the choice there.

I'm going to elect a new GM. I am going to come online over next few days. I have 2 people in mind and I would like to discuss it with both of them before promotion.

It was an utter pleasure leading Mole Machine. I love you guys so much.

For now I probably wont be on WoW much at all, but I plan on starting a new on another server. I may even return to Shadowsong in the future when things are less raw. So don't kick me k?!

Sending Obli all my gold because he is my golden boy.

Much love


P.s If you haven't already, add my real ID: Kelari#2253, Find me on Twitter: Daley_Snaily or find me on Facebook: Daley Snaily Johnson - I'm wearing a stripey top in my profile picture.
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